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Transportation Law

Our Rapid Response Team of attorneys, experts and investigators is available 24 hours per day, seven days per week to assist our trucking, transportation and insurance clients wherever and whenever a catastrophic accident occurs.

With a phone call to our CAT Loss Hotline, +1 408 837 9476, we will mobilize a team of qualified transportation attorneys and other experts to immediately begin a focused process designed for the protection of both the driver and the company, including risk assessment, evidence retention and strategy development.

Our lawyers have a long history of representing transportation companies and insurance carriers in the transportation industry, providing a wide variety of legal services to:

  • Motor carriers
  • Private fleet operators
  • Motor coach operators
  • Brokers
  • Movers, freight forwarders
  • Shippers
  • Terminal operators
  • Railroads
  • Other maritime entities

truck law

The attorneys at P.N.G.W.& S. understand the complex and constantly changing regulatory structure governing the operation of the transportation industry, as well as the economic and legal challenges it faces. In addition to defending personal injury and property damage actions, we can assist in such areas as:

  • Business Operations, including:
    • Business and operating agreements
    • Equipment lease agreements
    • Independent contractor operating agreements
    • Terminal lease agreements
    • Insurance coverage issues
    • Employment issues
  • Regulatory Compliance, including:
    • Operating authority
    • Fuel tax accounts
    • Vehicle registration
    • Safety compliance matters
    • Motor carrier safety audits
    • Safety fitness rating
  • Driver Issues, including:
    • Hours of service violations
    • Equipment violations
    • Traffic citations and criminal charges
  • Workers' Compensation
  • Federal Motor Carriers Safety Regulations (FMCSR)
  • Transportation Standards of Care
  • Accident Reconstruction Involving Articulated Commercial Vehicles
  • Document Retention
  • Spoliation Issues

Our understanding of cutting-edge transportation technology, document retention and spoliation are vital to today's defense of transportation litigation claims. Our team of skilled transportation attorneys takes an aggressive yet practical approach to all matters we handle. At P.N.G.W.& S., we focus on early and comprehensive investigation of the facts to assess liability and damages. Then with the concurrence of our clients, we take a realistic approach to determine whether the evidence supports early resolution, or whether the case warrants vigorous defense to the end.